Friday, June 1, 2012


I have been asked many times, due to my hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts, if I am related to Lauren Spierer. I am not, but then again I am. Lauren is all of us. I spent many Saturday nights in the exact same bar Lauren spent her last night she was heard from. I walked the same path, played the whole "invincible college student" game. Lauren is me, she is you, she's your best friend, your sister, your girlfriend, your cousin... and she's gone.
Here it is a year later, and no one is speaking up. This girl has not been abducted by aliens, or vanished into thin air. SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED!!! It blows my mind that these people who know can sleep at night. Lauren's parents need closure. Her friends need closure... She is a real person. She is me, she is you. #findlauren

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