Sunday, May 20, 2012

Best Skin Ever

Mexico is sunny, I drink a lot when it's sunny, therefore I forget to re-apply sunscreen when im drinking too much... So long story short is I useuslly get sun poisioning, and then I peel.
Smiths Rose Bud Salve is amazing. It is a petroleum based blend of essential oils that will stop even the most "Austin Powers Goldmember" peeling problem smooth as silk. It also works really good on your crusty heels and cuticles. It makes cuts heal faster, prevents wrinkles around your eyes, and is very light for being petroleum based. I buy mine on Amazon for around 4 bucks. I carry one in my purse and keep one by my bed. It's my "thing." My Mom's "thing" Is Peppermint Chap-Stik. (that's a whole other bag of worms)

PS. I don't condone drinking too much and getting sun poisioning, it will give you skin cancer.

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